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  Site Introduction This site is for people whose 2.7L engines have blown on their Chrysler vehicle (usually and Intrepid, Concorde, or Sebring). Here's how this site works. New information is posted right after this Site Introduction section, informing you of anything that's changed regarding Chrysler's 2.7L engine or lawsuits etc. associated with it. To the right on the page, you'll see "Dodge Customer Stories," where you can read about what's happened to other people with their 2.7L engines as well as a lot of other very useful and informative links. You can e-mail us your story, and we'll post it to the Dodge Customer Story page. We get many e-mails each week from people whose 2.7L engines have blown. We try to answer all of our e-mails, but, in the past couple of months, there have been so many that we've had difficulty keeping up with the demand. We're hopding to catch up again in September.

As you scroll down this page, you'll find lots of information about the 2.7L engine as well as where to complain. IF YOUR ENGINE HAS BLOWN, YOU SHOULD COMPLAIN TO CHRYSLER IMMEDIATELY. Please read this whole page, so you know about some options available to you in terms of how and where to lay a complaint. Try to have your service history on the vehicle ready and always ask to have the regional service manager for Chrysler involved in your complaint. It's probably a good idea to involve your provincial consumer protection agency as well, as, ultimately, the dealer who sold you the car has first-line responsibility for the reasonableness of the car's durability. Phone numbers are on this site (scroll down).

Finally, when your engine blows, you feel pretty bad about it. We know -- we had it happen to us. We've received many e-mails from people who have been out thousands of dollars because Chrysler has refused to help them -- parents with young kids who no longer can drive their vehicle, people who still owe thousands on their cars, some who have had their cars reposessed and are being chased by finance companies. What we can say is, don't lose hope. Help is available to you. We can't guarantee that Chrysler will help you, but we can show you where and how to make your complaints. Read this page as a first start and know that you are not alone -- many people have had their 2.7L engines blown.

For mechanical information, consider going to the forum for advice.

A blog about the mechanical and service experiences of people who own Dodge Intrepid automobiles. All views are the personal experiences and opinions of the blog owners and others who post to this site. Information on this site is posted without prejudice and constitutes personal viewpoints only.

Consumer Links


Another site logging complaints too
Did you receive this booklet
with your 2000 Intrepid?

Dodge Customer Stories

Info on a 2.7L upgrade here or here
>EXCELLENT SITE! (Hills Garage)
>Photos: Blown Timing Chain, Sludge! >Owner's Manual Changes?
>Five-Star Lies and Evasion (Click and scroll down the page)
>Social Responsibility? Not for Customers!

Canadian Federal Consumer Complaints CALL FREE: 1-888-374-4636

Report Engine Failure while Driving to Transport Canada
1-800-333-0510 (Toll-Free Within Canada)
1-613-993-9851 (Ottawa/Outside Canada)
TTY: 1-888-675-6863

American Transportation Authority
They're tracking Canadian incidents too. Report to them!
CALL FREE: 1-888-327-4236

US Highway Authority Investigation
NHTSA Complaints
For American Owners

Phone the President! Mr. Mark Norman, President of Daimler Chrysler Canada (519) 973-2000

When you get the voice recognition system, ask for Mark Norman. If they haven't changed the system over yet, you might still need to ask for Edwin Brust, the former president, in order to reach Mr. Norman.
More contact info here (and more coming soon).

TELL CBC MARKETPLACE! Encourage them to do a show on this so Intrepid owners are informed!
P.O. Box 500, Stn. A
Toronto, ON M5W 1E6
Tel: 416-205-6715
Fax: 416-205-3131

Etobicoke Casting Plant Production Control 416-253-2300 Then dial 378#

To speak to Daimler Chrysler Public Relations regarding Chrysler automotive research and development, call Kerry Kerr at 519-561-9571 or 519-253-3000 ext. 5066. She is the Manager for Corporate Media Relations at the University of Windsor Public Affairs and DaimlerChrysler Canada Communications Office, acting on behalf of the University of Windsor/DaimlerChrysler Automotive Research and Development Centre. Ask about research on the 2.7L Mitsubishi engine! This centre is funded by the Government of Canada through NSERC.

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