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  A few reader comments

From a motor remanufacturer:

All of these engines fail at low mileage. Basically it is just a poorly designed engine. We have done many improvements to these engines which are recommended by Chrysler but there are too many to list.

From an American citizen --> we can't quote the details because we don't want to compromise their strategy, but we can tell you that the class-action pending against Chrysler is very close to being a go and has a LOT of people registered.

From a 2000 2.7L owner:

I have a Canadian built Dodge Intrepid 2000. (Called chrysler Intrepid). My timing chain broke without warning at no where near 100k! Before that the stearing column broke and I lost control of my car! They fixed that under warrantee. Now that my extended warantee runs out, this happens and Chrysler wants to blame me and charge me [US] 4500 dollars for repairs!

From a 1999 2.7L owner:

Car in shop..Caught it in time to not blow engine. Timing chain and everything else back to the sprocket s are being replaced. 107K on it and well maintained.

From another 1999 2.7L owner:

18 months ago my 99 intrepid started to make a knocking. I brought it in to the local dealer, who advised me that my motor was likely require replacing. I told them to have a look at it and determine what the problem was, but they could not determine it. The problem went away by itself, but despite regular oil changes, it came back today. I was driving to work when the knocking came. I stopped, checked my oil, and after seeing it was good, carried on to work. 5 Minutes later the timing chain snapped and caused some pretty nasty damage to the engine. At no time did a hot temp lite or oil lite come on. Chrysler told me that i would be responsible to fix it, and that the 2.7 was a good engine. BS.

  Magical Minivan Moment Chrysler recently had a contest for mini-van owners to tell them their "magical mini-van moment." Here's our magical mini-van moment. We had a Caravan. It had a Mitsubishi engine in it, just like our Intrepid did. The Caravan engine went too. It cost us several thousand dollars. Now our Intrepid engine's gone. That's magical. This time, we're not going to sit back and shell out the bucks. This time, we're going to do some public education, starting with this website, and let as many people as possible know about these engines. This time, we're going to kick some proverbial ass.

  Dodge Contest E-mailing! One Intrepid owner, very upset about treatment by Chrysler after their 2.7L engine blew, entered the current "Win a Dream Dodge" contest. You can go to Chrysler's website and build your dream Dodge. Then, if you send an e-mail about the contest to a friend through Chrysler's online form that pops up after you enter the contest, you get five more chances to win -- and you can add your own personal message to each e-mail. Plus, you can do it over and over and over again.

This upset Chrysler customer sent our blog a "dream dodge" message. Here's what the message says:

Look! I'm entering a contest to win a free Dodge truck. If I send you this note, I'll get 5 more free ballots. I figure this is the only way to get a vehicle, now that Chrysler has completely screwed us over with the 2000 Intrepid 2.7L engine, AND refuses to help us, now that this sucky, faulty engine has blown out. Well, thanks to, we found out all about how to report Chrysler to the Canadian authorities. Anyway, we hope we win the truck! Then we can sell it new and buy a FORD!

Why don't we all enter the contest today!

  Extended Warranty Possibility Ralph, from the anyboard forum (check it out here) posts this important information about Mercedes-Benz, which could have big implications for what happens with DaimlerChrysler's stance on the 2.7L Mitsubishi engine. Here's Ralph's post:

Q.I recently received a note from Mercedes-Benz saying that the engine warranty on my '99 ML320 is being extended to 10 years or 150,000 miles because the factory did not initially use or recommend synthetic oil as part of its Flexible Servicing schedule, which calls for oil and filter changes about every 10,000 miles. Apparently, when not using synthetic oil, these engine are susceptible to sludge and greatly reduced engine life. I regularly follow the MB service schedule, but when I opened the oil filler cap I was shocked to see a large amount of brownish "goo," with the consistency of whipped cream, in the cylinder head and on the cap. I showed this to the dealer, who said this was normal, and is "froth" from the oil reaching the cylinder head. The oil in my car is now the synthetic variety. I've never seen this before. The engine is running just fine. Is this normal? What should I do?

A What should you do? Be grateful for the extended warranty offered by Mercedes. The engine is now covered for a very large percentage of the vehicle's expected life.

Your responsibility from here on out is to use synthetic oil and change oil somewhere between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. Does this sound familiar? I've been recommending this "routine service" for years. Doing so will preempt formation of sludge and varnish from oil oxidation, preempt any viscosity breakdown of the lubricant (highly unlikely with synthetic oil anyway), and preempt depletion of the additive package before the oil is changed.

The oil sludge you found is more common than you'd think in modern engines. My family just purchased a used Volkswagen Passat in fine shape, but it had some evidence of sludge on the oil filler cap. Same reason: longer oil change intervals and the use of non-synthetic oil. We asked that the oil pan and valve cover be removed to inspect and clean the engine. This revealed minor sludge, which was thoroughly cleaned out. The dealer, [dealer name removed], switched the vehicle to synthetic oil, and recommended we change it 2,000 miles later to finish the internal cleaning process.

Given the vastly improved lubricants available today, why does sludge develop? Because of higher oil operating temperatures and significantly longer oil change intervals. You can't do anything about the higher oil operating temperatures -- which are not in any way harmful in their own right -- but you can do something about the longer oil change intervals.

Having identified the issue at roughly 50,000 miles and switched to synthetic oil, I don't think you'll experience an oil-related engine problem.

Thanks for the info, Ralph! Hey Chrysler . . . no recall? How about extending the warranty like for Mercedes-Benz?

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Canadian Federal Consumer Complaints CALL FREE: 1-888-374-4636

Report Engine Failure while Driving to Transport Canada
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Phone the President! Mr. Mark Norman, President of Daimler Chrysler Canada (519) 973-2000

When you get the voice recognition system, ask for Mark Norman. If they haven't changed the system over yet, you might still need to ask for Edwin Brust, the former president, in order to reach Mr. Norman.
More contact info here (and more coming soon).

TELL CBC MARKETPLACE! Encourage them to do a show on this so Intrepid owners are informed!
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Tel: 416-205-6715
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Etobicoke Casting Plant Production Control 416-253-2300 Then dial 378#

To speak to Daimler Chrysler Public Relations regarding Chrysler automotive research and development, call Kerry Kerr at 519-561-9571 or 519-253-3000 ext. 5066. She is the Manager for Corporate Media Relations at the University of Windsor Public Affairs and DaimlerChrysler Canada Communications Office, acting on behalf of the University of Windsor/DaimlerChrysler Automotive Research and Development Centre. Ask about research on the 2.7L Mitsubishi engine! This centre is funded by the Government of Canada through NSERC.

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